Monday, 7 February 2011

Exhibition Preview!

So, the scans and test prints are looking great - here are the first four, from the 'Door and Window' part of the show - the prints at the gallery will be much bigger, so you'll be able to see all the little details that have been fascinating me all day - the light bulb fitting over the door, the elusive contents of that dark room, the odd little unit on the wall, the tiny little square windows.

172 - Ironbridge, UK,1995

1614 - Clare, Ireland, 2004

2208 - Mexico, 2007

2387 - Riga, Latvia, 2008
I've been showing a whole load of pictures to a whole lot of people over the last few weeks, to help me with my selection. It's not an inclusion democracy, but it has been very useful to decide which ones absolutely have to go in, and seeing which ones were universally ignored. It surprised me to find that the last two images above - 2208 and 2387, were far and away the most popular, I hadn't expected that! Good to know I can still be surprised by my own photography.

Full details of the upcoming show at

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