Saturday, 29 January 2011

Exhibition invite up

The invite to the next exhibition in February/March is up - view it at . Pop in if you can! They'll be a lot of my pictures there.

Does the world need another photography blog?

Does the world need another photography blog? Probably not but here I am. For now this is more for my benefit, a place to empty my thoughts from time to time. Only time will tell if it lasts, or becomes another one of those blogs with a handful of entries before interest is lost.

Seems like a good time to start anyway - my first gallery exhibition in years opens on February 28th at Mumford Fine Art on D'Arblay Street in Soho in London - - so I'm going through the final selection now, and organising prints and frames. Juggling this with busy times for my freelance work - - is becoming very frantic, so writing the blog should be a bit of light relief.

Anyway, more to follow...