Friday, 27 May 2011

Ten Faces - by popular demand

Back in March, as part of the Photography Collective Spring Exhibition, I showed two pieces - Rely-a-Bells and Keenest Prices. See them as part of the online catalogue here. Each included five pictures, and detailed the facade of a neglected building in East London. Both pieces were very popular, and viewers were fascinated to note all the images 'joined up' to one another. The natural question that followed was 'so have you made a long version with them all connected?'. The answer then was 'no, but I will', and now I have!

Ten Faces - London, England, 2010/2011

The result is a new work called Ten Faces, available as a limited print by commission only due to it's large size - the ratio of height to length is almost 1:10, so when a print is 30 cm high, it will be nearly 3 metres long.

A smaller (though still very big, and detailed!) digital version is on the website at so please do go and have a virtual exploration of the building!

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