Thursday, 5 May 2011

Exhibition Preview - Evening in Venice at The London Canal Museum - Saturday 14th May 2011

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I'll have photographs on show at The London Canal Museum in King's Cross on Saturday 14th May as part of the Europe-wide Museums at Night festival - whole museum will be lit by candlelight alone - there will special tours of the museum running on the night, plus a wide range of art on show throughout the building. The museum's 19th Century Ice Well will be lit by candlelight too - it should be a special night. Find out about the museum at

3023 - Corte Spechiera, Venice, Italy, 2009

To enhance the atmosphere, I've selected fifteen images from my two trips to Venice in 2009. They're a very different kind of thing to the pictures I showed last time at the Photography Collective show. Being that the exhibition is going to be dark, I've gone for evening pictures where the feeling of Venice emerges from the gloom.

3685 - Venice, Italy, 2009
The London canals that the museum deals with are very much industrial and historic. The canals of Venice are a different thing altogether - especially in the silence of Venetian night. With no car engines, no hustle and bustle, the canals become the back streets, mysterious and unaccessible, attractive and dangerous. I've tried to capture that elusive feeling in the show.

I hope to see you there!

2947 - Grand Canal, Venice, Italy, 2009

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