Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Harvest of 2011 - Introduction

Following the Harvest of 2010 survey of a year's images, I am moving onto 2011. For the 2010 series of blogs I looked at the images chronologically, grouping them from month to month. 2011 will be a little different - I have once again made a selection of personal favourites, but this time I am going to try and make a bit more sense of them by grouping under loose themes.

As you will no doubt note I am a photographer rather than a writer - these blog posts don't go through endless drafts, I try and write spontaneously about my own thoughts regarding each image and the result is as much for my benefit as yours. I'd be interested on any thoughts you have about the text and the pictures whether at the bottom of this post, or on the Facebook pages (noted at the start of each part), where you can comment on each individual photograph.

I photograph very subconsciously, without a master plan for any series of images, so these series where I look back over a large group of pictures taken of a period of time is my way of getting a handle on why I take photographs in the way I do, and to try and identify themes and possible philosophies within my work.

Indeed this is how my Doors and Windows exhibition from early 2011 (catalogue here) came about. Looking back over 18 years of images, a door and a window seemed to be a running theme - one that I had known nothing about, and the show was a look back over those images. Doors and windows continued to be a preoccupation in 2011, we'll start with those in Part One.

Harvest of 2011 Part One - More Doors, More Windows - click here to read.

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