Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Rooftop Collective Edition 2 - preview

The pictures are up, and the new show is all ready for the opening and Private View tomorrow night (Thursday 4th) at theprintspace in East London. Full details at the bottom of this post!

It's a very big white space and the work is hanging together really well. The show expresses how far we've come as a group of photographers since last year's show. As well as a real step up in the gallery space, we had much more choice about how the work would fit together as a whole with so much more space to breathe. There are five of us exhibiting, and the work is really 'talking' to each other nicely across the walls.

For my part,  I had recently completed working through my images from 2011 and I wanted to boil down a survey to explore one aspect of the year's work. This is slightly different to previous exhibitions (including last year's Rooftop Collective show), which explored a single theme. Whilst all the work does in effect form one composed piece, the connections between the pictures are perhaps not quite so obvious than in a more straightforwardly themed show.

There are two groups of images on the wall, focusing on geometry and details. One aspect of my photography is, I think, the desire show the simple and sometimes sublime pleasures that can be had by taking a slower and more considered look at everyday scenery and situations. I want to make you slow down and stop and look - where colours and materials meet, you can find real and unexpected beauty. I hope to create something new that can feel both interesting and beautiful, both mysterious and familiar.

I really enjoyed creating the Harvest of 2010 blog series (explore it here) and found it useful in starting to divine why I take pictures, and this in turn improves my work I think. Whilst those writings went through the year chronologically, this year I'm going to explore the year thematically, and discussion of the individual pictures in this show will form the backbone of the first instalment of Harvest of 2011, which will appear here in the next week or two, once the dust has settled from the double whack of the Private View and Photofair!

So, you can think of the exhibition as a preview or launch for Harvest of 2011. It's really worth getting to the show if you can, to see the real prints in the flesh. All the artists will be at the Private View, and there is some great work on show, some beautiful prints. We only do these group shows once a year - so it's not to be missed.

I hope to see some of you on Thursday night or on Saturday at the London Photomonth Photofair - another great opportunity to see (and buy if you like) lots of great photography from the artists themselves - around 100 of them! It's an exciting atmosphere with lots of places to eat and drink, and a chance to see lots of new work from me. Read about last year's here.

Details of the group show -

My own personal flyer, including a map, and details of the London Photomonth Photofair on Saturday where I'll be too!

Note that the gallery is only open Monday to Friday, so unfortunately you can't combine a visit with Photofair on Saturday.

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