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Harvest of 2010 Part One - Amsterdam in Winter and more

Harvest of 2010
Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven

I think it's time to start making this photography blog a bit more photo rich. I've now finished processing all my 2010 pictures, so I'm going to post a lot here over the next few weeks, to get some images out there. This is a quick way to get images up, rather than the more curated exhibitions on the, that need a lot more time to get sorted out.

One of the ideas behind this blog was for me to think about my work a bit more, and to that end, I'll also try to write a little about each batch as they go up. I'm not going to write too much, just some thoughts off the top of my head. Please do post any comments good or bad below and leave your name.

So, going way back to the beginning of 2010, let's start with some images from Amsterdam in January, it was snowy and it was really really cold!

3705 - Amsterdam, Holland, 2010
Little details like this always interest me, and deciding where to put them is always the most fun. With this, I remember ensuring the Barnett Newman-esque stripe remained on the right.

3707 - Amsterdam, Holland, 2010

3708 - Amsterdam, Holland, 2010
The freezing conditions gave me a rare chance to include snow in my pictures - two images here that would never have been possible any other time. Do tiny birds leave such frenzied and distinct footprints as in in 3707 in any material other than snow? And did the bird in 3708 really end it all?

3711 - Amsterdam, Holland, 2010
Another chance to take advantage of the snow. This post coming up out of the canal was irresistible.

3715 - Amsterdam, Holland, 2010
I always try to get up high in a city, looking down you can see all sorts of odd combinations of things, where town planners and architects haven't thought about the consequences.

3722 - Amsterdam, Holland, 2010
Love this three way composition. I enjoy cropped shots that seem very grounded in the real world, but retain mystery.

3723 - Amsterdam, Holland, 2010
Cheeky one this, and not something I would usually do, but it seemed very appropriate following this Rodchenko exhibition. Essentially reappropriating someone else's photograph on someone else's poster design. Third generation steal!

3725 - Amsterdam, Holland, 2010
Another composition from the real world.

3727 - Amsterdam, Holland, 2010

3728 - Amsterdam, Holland, 2010
Two items finding themselves in the same situation with a different result.

3733 - London, England, 2010
Back in the UK now. If you now what this is, you'll probably know why I took a few pictures from this viewpoint. Very interesting from underneath!

3735 - London, England, 2010
An atmospheric interior with great colours and light.

3739 - London, England, 2010
I loved this kind of lighting all last year, I have a few images of them - an exhibition to come...

3741 - Winchester, England, 2010
On some days the light and shadows just seem to fall in all the right places - this was one of those days.

3744 - Winchester, England, 2010
3746 - Winchester, England, 2010
A very photogenic staircase, lots of raw material for me to shove around in the frame to find some interesting ways to flex my compositional muscles.

3749 - Highcliffe, England, 2010
Another abstracted composition. I couldn't resist these colours!

3753 - London, England, 2010
A very confusing image. Took a while in the rain to get this just right - it was worth it!
It's worth mentioning here none of my images are fiddled around with or constructed in Photoshop or elsewhere, they are compositions I created through the lens on the day.

3754 - London, England, 2010
Another odd image, this one struck me clearly in the eye and I just had to take it home.

Well, that takes us part way through February, there's more to come very shortly. As I said, please leave a comment below if you want.

Harvest of 2010
Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven

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