Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A look back at the Evening in Venice show at the London Canal Museum - would you like the torch?

If you were lucky enough to see the show on Saturday night, I hope you agree it was a very successful and unique way to see the images. To see them all in daylight, take a look at the complete exhibition catalogue online at www.paulclifford.co.uk/photography-exhibitions/evening-in-venice.html .

Showing almost black images at a candlelit show after dark was always a risky idea - and I wasn't sure if it would work. Once the daylight was gone, and the dark images were lit only by tea lights and the general ambiance of candles nearby, the show started to feel special. 
The details of streets and buildings emerging from the murky darkness in the images chimed perfectly through the glass and over the candles. When a few people had asked me if I always display my pictures in the dark, or if these were shot with a dark exhibition in mind, I knew everything had worked out just fine.

The exhibition was part of Museums at Night 2011 and had picked up a bit of press coverage, so it was very busy on the night. It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying my pictures. Lots of people reading the accompanying text and taking cards away with the web address on too, which means more people seeing more pictures.

I'd brought a torch along in case of any fires or breakages, and about an hour or so in, I was asked a question about one of the pictures, and I used the torch to illuminate a detail on the image. 

The effect was quite staggering - due to the nature and atmosphere of the images, plus the pearl finish on the prints, the images really leapt into life under torch light, effecting a kind of virtual reality visit to Venice. 

This became the default way to see the pictures, with people following each other around, peering over shoulders to see the torch light. People waiting for the torch, people using their mobiles to light the images. All good stuff.

The whole atmosphere on the night was fun and I really enjoyed the show. It was good to talk to the other artists taking part, and a few more opportunities for exhibiting came out of it too.

So, do have a look at the catalogue - click here - the website underwent a little overhaul last week too. Any feedback on any of that is always welcome. 

Coming next on the blog - Harvest of 2010 Part Three!



  1. Enjoyed being your neighbour at the Canal Museum event. Loved your photos and I agree, it was a really interesting way to view the artwork - Irma

  2. Thanks Irma, and mighty congratulations for winning the poster competition for Islington Exhibits!